Wilo Benet is perhaps better known internationally for his works and accomplishments in the culinary field for the last 30 years. What most people don’t know is his long term passion for photography which was his first formal education at the Arts Institute of Fort Lauderdale, prior to attending The Culinary Institute of America in New York.

Benet's return to photography happened by chance, as in 1996 - by fate - he was required to take pictures of some his own dishes for a magazine article. That introduced him to the digital era of photography, one he embraced passionately from that day on.

Other of Benet's interests indirectly started providing the grounds for what would turn into a full blown passion for Nature Photography, specifically that of photographing birds. It all started with admiring all the bird species in many of the golf courses where he played, to the point where the camera was as important as the clubs for a complete round.

He has traveled extensively during his career, granting him the opportunity to shoot in many places such as Rioja, Spain, Washington State, Aspen, New York, Texas, California, Buenos Aires, Argentina and many of the Caribbean islands, among other destinations. Every time travel is required for culinary purposes research follows in the photography department, to properly pursue the region's specific areas of interest.

All the photos included in this gallery were taken by Wilo Benet.

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Butterflies and other tiny living things...



Gastronomic Impressionism


Scenes & Trees




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