Puerto Rico’s 10 Best Cultural Restaurants for Local Flavour

The Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico - Spanish for ‘rich port’ - was originally inhabited byaborigines, known as Taino, until 1493, when Christopher Columbus claimed

Puerto Rico, la revelación culinaria del Caribe

Puerto Rico tiene muchas razones para proclamarse Capital Gastronómica del Caribe. Con un deslumbrante racimo de restaurantes de primera categoría, chefs formados en las cocinas

Pikayo celebra su 25 años

El chef Wilo Benet celebró los 25 años su restaurante Pikayo con un almuerzo especial en el Hotel Condado Plaza Hilton que incluyó cuatro muestras

5 to Know: Jose Enrique’s San Juan, Puerto Rico

In a city where the music is loud, the beach is never far, and everyone knows where they're getting their drink after work, chef Jose

Puerto Rico in 10 plates

Though he considers Alfredo Ayala to be the “father of the movement towards refinement of our gastronomy,” many of the chef ’s colleagues consider Benet

Q&A with Chef Wilo Benet: The Ambassador of Puerto Rican Cuisine

Silvia Lucero, Travel Blogger March 6th, 2015 Visiting Pikayo, a haute cuisine take on traditional Puero Rican dishes, is the best way to take in

What to Order at Puerto Rico’s Best Restaurants

Pikayo Chef Wilo Benet’s acclaimed cuisine at the Condado Hilton’s flagship restaurant fuses traditional Puerto Rican flavors and cooking methods with international influences and culinary

Exploring the flavors of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican chefs are finding their way into the limelight after adding unique twists to the island’s culinary influences. Oct 27, 2014 By:Jason Q. Freed

Crawling for pork in Puerto Rico

Oct 13, 2014 by Bret Thorn in Food Writer's Diary The author consumes pork stomach, skin, feet along with a ton of roasted flesh during

Crawling Through Pork: Three Days in Puerto Rico

October 13, 2014 By Sonya Chudgar On the first night of the National Pork Board's annual Pork Crawl, held Oct. 9-12 in San Juan, Puerto

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