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Due to Puerto Rico's situation, if you have a scheduled event with us, please contact Elvira Pérez  by email or by phone at 939-642-5599.

Hurricane Maria

Romantic Dining in San Juan, Puerto Rico

In comparison to my daytime budget friendly restaurants, my dining experience in Puerto Rico wasn’t exactly the best. Apart from a couple exceptional restaurants, I

Eat List: San Juan, Puerto Rico

A popular vacation destination for its casino-fueled luxury resorts, colorful Old City, thumping nightlight and sandy beaches, San Juan, Puerto Rico is also a culinary

Pikayo Puerto Rico – A Fine Dining Culinary Experience

By James Bolduc // June 29, 2016 TweetShare I had the opportunity to have dinner at Pikayo Puerto Rico on my very first ever trip to

Sabores con Ron

Baterista, golfista, fotógrafo además de un artista en la cocina. También escritor, recientemente el portorriqueño Wilo Benet se dio el lujo de compilar sus mejores

The 10 Best Restaurants in San Juan

Chanel Mowatt November 14, 2015 It’s hard to find meal in San Juan that you dislike when so much great food is produced there every

Puerto Rico’s 10 Best Cultural Restaurants for Local Flavour

The Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico - Spanish for ‘rich port’ - was originally inhabited byaborigines, known as Taino, until 1493, when Christopher Columbus claimed

Puerto Rico, la revelación culinaria del Caribe

Puerto Rico tiene muchas razones para proclamarse Capital Gastronómica del Caribe. Con un deslumbrante racimo de restaurantes de primera categoría, chefs formados en las cocinas

Chef Wilo Benet @ Puerto Rico meets NYC

Chef Wilo Benet will be one of the Puerto Rican chefs, among an exclusive group, that will be participating in this culinary event. Puerto Rico

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