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Wilo Benet is the chef and owner of Pikayo, celebrated its 26th anniversary last year, now at the The Condado Plaza Hilton in San Juan.



In 2007, he launched his cookbook, “Puerto Rico True Flavors”, offering more than 100 recipes, complimented by exceptional photography, inviting readers to follow his culinary journey. This best-seller was followed by his translation in Spanish, “Puerto Rico Sabor Criollo”. The books both in English and Spanish are now in their third edition.

TV Shows

Wilo Benet’s new TV Show dubbed SABORES DE ENSUEÑO con Wilo Benet”, is currently on the air in Utilísima Channel FOX Latino.  The show is based on recipes of his best-seller “Puerto Rico True Flavors”.  With an audience of 11 million people from Mexico to Argentina, including the United States, the show can be viewed in Puerto Rico in Onelink (Channel 171), on Direct TV (Channel 234) and in Dish TV.

He has also appeared in high rating TV shows including “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern”, was guest chef at “Top Chef”, Bravo TV’s Emmy and James Beard Award-winning #1 food show on cable, participated as a contestant in its spinoff series “Top Chef Masters” as well as in “Martha Stewart Weddings” amongst many others.

DIRECTV Puerto Rico presented the exclusive culinary program 'Sabor a Wilo'. The program featured an innovative and refreshing cuisine, which emphasized the process of preparation of the dishes, highlighting the role of a particular ingredient in each of these, while giving free rein to the creativity of the chef, both on screen and at home.

Redefining Puerto Rican Cuisine

Chef Wilo Benet is in a class of his own. This expert Chef goes beyond the traditional in many ways. He is a talented Chef, a keen businessman and a natural leader. His extraordinary vision has taken him to new heights, setting standards in the restaurant industry and contemporary cuisine worldwide.

After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Wilo gained experience at prestigious restaurants in the United States, including The Maurice Restaurant, The Water Club and Le Bernardin Restaurant in New York. In 1988 he returned to Puerto Rico to begin his successful career in the Island as Chef De Cuisine at the Governor’s Mansion. This set the way to the opening of Pikayo in 1990, a world-class restaurant that has received ravishing reviews both locally and internationally.

Chef Benet’s Cuisine

Wilo Benet has redefined Puerto Rican cuisine and in the process has put the Island’s enchanting flavors on display for the whole world to admire.

Chef Benet defines his culinary style as contemporary global cuisine, a concept that combines traditional Puerto Rican ingredients with Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Spanish, Italian, Classical French influences. This fusion of flavors, together with Wilo’s artistic emphasis on style, transports customers through an unforgettable culinary experience, being at one of his restaurants or an event catered by his company.

Wilo's Curriculum Vitae (click here)


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